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Scott Griffin

Scott Griffin’s fascination with glass began very early on while growing up near Corning, NY. Seeing a material that was so different from all others, and watching artisans be able to manipulate it with complete control over it was, and still is, a source of inspiration to him. Scott began flameworking in 1995 while living in Eugene, Oregon. During the early years of his flameworking practice Scott was learning technique in both Eugene and in Corning. Living between two major glass making cities exposed Scott to a wide variety of glassmakers and glass techniques. Scott continues to find inspiration in the material itself; drawing on the long history of glass, and on the excitement and experimentation of the contemporary movement, Scott creates work that is uniquely his own. Scott is also the owner, and active operator of Griffin Glass Tools which he started in 2001. Scott noticed in his early years of glass a lack of tools available to the flameworking community. Since the inception of the company, Scott has been producing tools and equipment with a clear understanding of the industry he is serving.