Wrap & Rakes Tall Glass by Jason "Live Free" Gordan

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This gorgeous tall drinking glass was designed and signed on the bottom by Jason "Live Free" Gordan. Gold and silver fuming give this glass' wrap and rakes patterning its' unique coloration. Additionally the lip of the glass is embellished with muti-colored cane lip wrap. It's slightly tapered base also provides a comfortable spot for your hand to grip as you enjoy your favorite beverage. 

  • 6.5'' +/- tall 
  • 2.5''+/- wide
  • Holds 1.75 cups / 14 oz
  • Wrap & rakes pattern
  • Gold & silver fumed
  • Multi-colored cane lip wrap
  • Handmade & one of a kind


Available on site at the Prism Glassworks gallery in Troy, NY! 

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