Bottle Dab Rig by Bhaller Glass - Dancing Bear

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Standing at 9.25'', this bottle dab rig features Dancing Bear millies in 3 separate accent marbles around the body of the pipe. There's also multiple matching amber purple accent marbles that contribute to a fun yet comfortable texture you'll enjoy feeling while holding the pipe. The down stem is removable and includes a two hole percolator, while the transition is 10mm to 14mm. This rocking bottle dab rig was produced by the artist Bhaller Glass in the state of Massachusetts. 


  • 3 Dancing Bear millies
  • Multiple amber purple colored accent marbles
  • Removable down stem 
  • 2 hole perc
  • 10mm - 14mm transition 
  • 9.25'' tall 



Available onsite at PRISM Glassworks gallery, in Troy, NY. 


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