Capital N-Blend Butane

Capital N-Blend Butane 300ml

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At Capital Butane, our standards for exceeding quality and expectations were most important when creating the first N-Butane product with aerosol technology.  Since 2013 we have dedicated our company to providing the purest N-Butane and butane blends available, and succeeded.  Most recently adding the most advanced LP5 cylinder program available.

Our aerosol products are all composed of 82% N-butane and 18% Propane.

Smaller can, same amount of gas in accordance with our Special Permit 

99.5% N-BUTANE/PROPANE BLEND (82%/18%)
320 ML of the highest quality hydrocarbons
American manufactured by the leader in Aerosol technology and design

Product also available in store at Prism Glassworks in Troy NY