We would love to help you get your favorite glass piece repaired and back to working condition.  There is no such thing as an easy repair, each brings with it a different challenge. Unfortunately, because of this, there is no guarantee that a repair will be successful. It takes a special skill, and we try our hardest to make any repair work look as close to new as possible. It is important to remember as well that repairing a glass product could lead to further damage because the process of reheating the glass makes it vulnerable. Please note that if the piece breaks to a point where it is unusable, we will not charge you for the repair.


The cost of repair starts at $100, and will usually cover a number of different fixes, such as: joint replacement, foot replacements, crack/chip polish and mouth piece repair.  If you are interested in taking the risk to have your piece fixed, please follow these steps.


  1. Email us @ a picture of the piece and we will confirm whether a repair is possible.
  2. Clean the piece so that it is 100% spotless. If the piece is still dirty upon receipt, then we will mail it back to you.
  3. Mail us the piece; it will take about a week from the arrival of the piece to repair.
  4. Pay us when the piece is fixed and done.
  5. We mail it back to you.