Newsletter # 45 : June 2014

Prism Glassworks Newsletter
June 2014
Issue No.45

Dear Friends,

Last month we had Jsyn Lord for our monthly Troy Night Out Demo. He came through with his demo "Forward." Jsyn brought quite a bit of work will him. There were a bunch of his clear 10mm pocket rocket rigs, a couple of klein-cyclers, a collab minitube with Sakibomb and a collab fresh oil recycler with Erik Anders.  He came with a template in mind for what he wanted to do, but was unsure as to whether or not he was going to give the clear piece some colored accents with the attachments. After speaking with a few viewers Jsyn decided on making the entire piece clear, which is the least forgiving, but he killed it. The 14mm rig that he made has a large bolt on one side and the largest bunny mask he has made to date. He expressed that some day he hopes to make a bunny mask that will be the size of a full face mask, which would be awesome. The crowd surrounded him in the studio and the gallery was filled all night with people taking turns looking through the viewing window. We still have a few of his pieces available in the gallery and online. Thank you Jsyn for an awesome demo and some great pieces for the gallery!

During the demo we also had an art show going on in the gallery. Chris Petersen brought some awesome work for his show "Winning of Hearts & Minds." Not only did he bring paintings, but he also had various stickers of his work, which were also awesome! Thank you Chris for bringing some great work into the gallery!

This month we have Kevin Nail's demo "Fumealicious" and Megan Davenport's gallery show "Diesel Daydreams."  Kevin will also be teaching a class "Fumeology 101," which is already full, but come to the demo on Friday June 27th and watch him work for free.

Kevin Nail was born in Spokane, Washington in 1977. Kevin started melting glass as a teenager in 1994.  Kevin was working in a restaurant where he met a cook who was teaching himself to blow glass.  After becoming friends, Kevin was able to learn little tricks from the cook and acquire small scraps to play with; that was the beginning of a passion.  Working secretly during the night in his basement room of his parent's house, Kevin was able to make small pipes and pendants with rudimentary equipment all while avoiding lighting the carpet on fire.   

Going to school for Audio Production in 1997, Kevin met another glass blower, Ezra Zygmuntowicz, and started an apprenticeship making small pipes.  School slid down the list of priorities and Kevin jumped in with both feet to blow glass full time.  Through years of working with several highly skilled artists in multiple shops (such as Glass Works Park in Seattle, WA) Kevin was exposed to many different styles and was able to learn a wide array of techniques.   

In time he's refined a style of minimal use of colored glass with a focus on gold and silver fuming for which he's become known.  Whether pipes or marbles, the subtlety of color application through gold and silver fuming has continued to fascinate and inspire him. 

Kevin continues to work with glass outside Silverton, OR, while playing music on drums, bass, and piano as much as he has time for.    

Megan Davenport is a local artist and a close friend of the shop.

Upcoming demos:
July 25th - Marty Preston
August 29th - Melt Away Cancer: A Flameraiser for Ovarian Cancer (For More Information Look Below)

Upcoming classes: Robert Mickelsen "Busy Being Born" August 1st-2nd (SOLD OUT). 

I hope to see you this Friday, June 27th for Troy Night Out!


~Phil Sundling
Prism Glassworks

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Family-

            The team at Prism Glassworks would like to cordially invite you to a Special Event. On August, 29th-30th the Prism family will proudly join the fight against cancer by sponsoring and hosting Prism Glassworks Melts Away Cancer. During this two day event Prism Glassworks operations, will donate 20% of retail sales and 100% of proceeds from fundraising will be dedicated to Ovarian Cancer Research. Please join on us the Aug 29th for glass blowing exhibitions, crafts sales, and live music. Join us once more on Aug, 30th for a silent auction in our Gallery 12pm-6pm, and concert atRed Square in Albany 8pm-?.
            Donate to cancer research and walk away with a piece of art. Win win.

Day 1 Info:
Live glass blowing with: Tammy Ball, Ben MTP Barocas, Kurt B, Phil (PGW), Hickory, AJ Roberts, Danny Camp, Wes Fleming, Peter Muller, Jason “LFD” Gordon, and Bonz (MGW).

From 10am-10pm
Live music
Free to the public
At Prism Glassworks 225 4th St Troy NY 12180
518 273 4527
All art made will be Auctioned off day 2
Day  2 Info:

Silent Auction @ Prism Glassworks From 12-6pm
Benefit Concert @ Red Square
388 Broadway,
Albany, NY 12207
Music BY:
Auction Art/ items donated by:
All proceeds will be donated to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston,TX.
Thank you to our sponsors without you we couldn’t do this!
Glass Alchemy, Mountain Glass Arts, Noble Gas Solutions, John Ray and Sons,

We hope to see you here!
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