Newsletter#49: October 2014

  • Prism Glassworks Newsletter
    October 2014
    Issue No.49

    Dear Friends,

    Last month we had our Melt Away Cancer Flameraiser for our monthly Troy Night Out Demo, as well as the auction portion of the event on the following day. First off I just want to say Thank You to everyone who participated in this event! Thank You Tammy Ball, Ben "MTP" Barocas, Kurt B, Jack Steele, AJ Roberts, Peter Muller, Jason “LFD” Gordon, Bonz (MGW), and Living Glassworks, for being great friends and donating your time and work for this event! Thank You everyone who sent in items for the auction! Thank You to Erin Harkes, Acoustic Inc., and Yabba Dabba for performing at the shop on Friday night! Thank You to everyone at The Parish Public House hosting the benefit concert and to Monk, The Hoodoo Dare, Uneven Steven, and The Lucky Jukebox Brigade for performing! Thank You to our sponsors Glass Alchemy, Mountain Glass Arts, Noble Gas Solutions, and John Ray and Sons! And a big Thank You to the Prism Glassworks Crew!

    It was quite a crazy weekend from beginning to end. There were some last minute line up changes and a lot of amazing pieces being made. Bonz showed up ready to work and crank out some pieces. He had decided to join a group competing in a Ragnar race in the Saratoga/Glens Falls area, and had already ran one leg of the race before coming to the shop at noon. He made components for multiple goblets, assembled one, and partially assembled another before taking off at three to meet up with his group to run the next leg of the race. Jack Steele made a few spine components, one of which went to make a stem for a goblet, another went to Peter Muller for a voodoo doll pendant, and the last went to Kurt Bfor the neck and mouthpiece for his bubbler. Kurt's bubbler was full of transparent windows, which give the piece an interesting look. Peter also made a voodoo doll, which had the female reproductive system in its hand, made by Tammy Baller. Tammy also made a bunch of nug pendants and one nug that went on a collab sherlock with Jason Gordon. Jason also made a large "demo dish" and a Lil' Bastard minitube. It is ridiculous watching Jason make one of those dishes. Living Glassworks spent most of the day making one of his networked standing sculptures. Watching him make that sculpture was amazing! The entire piece was almost symmetrical and it was all done by eye. AJ and MTP spent most of the day making a pipe and pendants by themselves, but their collab pendant was one of the biggest non-functioning pendants I've seen. It was awesome! A common comment was "It looks like something Flava Flav would wear."

    Saturday was crazy with the in house bidding and online bidding that we had going on. Every piece was bid on and there were quite a few bidding wars that happened up until the last minutes of the auction. Thank you to everyone who bid! After the auction we had a benefit concert at The Parish Public House. There was a good turn out and the music was great!

    We ended up raising $9000 for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which went toward Ovarian Cancer Research. Follow this link to see photos from the demos and final pieces, which were auctioned off.

    Congratulations to our friends Danny and Bethany Camp! Their daughter Rosalie was born last month on the day the demos took place.

    Glassroots was a good time once again. I was glad to see some old friends and make some new ones while we were there in Madison, WI.

    This month on October 31st we have Matthew McLamb and Reggie Baker for our Troy Night Out Demo and Gallery Show. Matthew will be demonstrating in the studio while Reggie has his art show in the gallery.

    Next month on November 28th, Tammy Baller and I will be having our annual demo! What might we make this year? Here's a list of the pieces we've made to date: Alice In Wonderland, The Big Lebowski, and Caddyshack. We will also be having our annual Black Friday sales, so come down for the one weekend they are available.

    Check next month's newsletter because we will be releasing some of the lineup for next year!

    I hope to see you this Friday, October 31st for Troy Night Out


    ~Phil Sundling
    Prism Glassworks
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