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"My name is Chris “Hickory” Vickers. I’ve been blowing glass since 2001. Before that I made and sold pipes that were made of materials other than glass. I used different types of stone, wood, antlers, and bamboo. Once I was able to give glassblowing a try I realized the endless possibilities it offered. There was no going back. My style has changed over the years as I explored those possibilities. These days I’m working with this tree style, exploring the “nature” of glass. As I explore this medium I find it’s grounded in nature. It’s form, it’s flow, the physics and laws of physics. Creating pieces inspired by nature has become a way for me to connect to the reality of glass. That reality is amazingly diverse. I am constantly awed and inspired by the work of others and the realities they create, often pieces that are very “unnatural” or alien-like."