Dichro Skull Rig By Bhaller Glass

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This rig's trademarked by a gold dichro crowned skull, and 9 gold dichro horns dispersed around the pipe. Its' creator Bhaller Glass also used black and opaline tubing giving the rig it's unique cloudy blue color. The removable 10mm stem includes a 2-hole perc with a 14mm-10mm transition. (No slide is included.)

  • 8.5'' +/- tall 
  • 3''+/- wide
  • Gold dichro crowned skull
  • 9 gold dichro horns
  • Black and opaline tubing
  • 10mm stem with 2-hole perc
  • 14mm joint 
  • One of a kind

Available on site in the Prism Glassworks gallery in Troy, NY! 

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