15'' Straight Tube with Worked Section Water Bong by Phil Sundling

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15'' water bong with worked section was created from 44x4 millimeter piece of tubing by glass artist Phil Sundling. It includes a matching downstem and slide, which were all made in house at Prism Glassworks in Troy, NY. This bong is skillfully embellished with furnace and line tubing throughout. The furnace tubing is Dark Muti and visible on the lip wrap, mouth piece, downstem and foot wrap. While the line tubing consists of Paparazzi and Steele Wool which beautifully highlight the Wig Wag and Rewag designs by adding a glittery feature to the middle worked section, percolator and bowl push. Additionally you'll find a PGW logo decal on the downstem and a PGW Jolly Roger decal accessorizing the neck. 


  • 15'' tall
  • Glitter sparkle accents 
  • Wig Wag & Rewag designs
  • 44x4 millimeter tube
  • Furnace and Dark Multi
  • Handmade in house


Available on site at Prism Glassworks gallery in Troy, NY. 



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