Large Faceted Bong with Tree Perc

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This large faceted bong is embellished with 128 facets and includes a 5 arm tree perc! Created by in house artist Phil Sundling, it was constructed from 25 encomo sections and features a hand formed female joint and male joint on the slide. The colors slime, experimental green and purple lilac were used in the wig-wag and design throughout. You'll love the 3 faceted marbles with dicro, (2 on the piece and 1 on the slide.) Through the largest marble an opal appears resting on-top of on laser etched dichro image of a geometric pattern. 



  • 29'' Height 
  • 50 mm diameter top & 70 mm middle 
  • 128 facets
  • Wig-wag
  • 5 arm tree percolator
  • 25 encomo sections
  • Ice pinched
  • One of a kind & handmade
  • By Phil Sundling
  • Matching downstem & slide
  • Wig-wag & dichro throughout 
  • Dichro in all 3 marbles
  • Opal and dichro geometric image in largest marble
  • Hand formed female joint and male joint on slide


Available on site at PRISM Glassworks gallery in Troy, NY.

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