Gnat Dab Rig - Red Exotic with Steel Wool wings, by Phil Sundling(phil_pgw)

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Gnat Dab Rig - Red Exotic with Steele Wool wings, by Phil Sundling(phil_pgw)

Gnarly Gnats!

This Dab rig is a stunning sculpted piece of a giant, parasitic, gnat! It's Red Exotic with Steele Wool wings ads to it's toxic waste like aura! It stands roughly 8.75 inches tall, weighs a hefty 1lb 12oz and, has a 10mm joint!

  • fly-swatter dabber
  • Red Exotic Body
  • Steel Wool wings
  • Black eyes and accents
  • 10mm joint
  • 1lb 12 oz 
  • Roughly 8.75’’ tall +/- 

Made at Prism Glassworks in Troy, New York and available in our gallery.

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