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Glow Illuminati "Eye of Providence" Pendant by Berzerker

Glow Illuminati "Eye of Providence" Pendant by Berzerker

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Recently in history, the symbol has been associated to conspiracy theories relating to the American government and the secret Illuminati after Freemasons adopted the symbol. The, "Eye of Providence," is a symbol originally meant to represent divine higher power, or the all-seeing eye of God.  This pendant will glow with power around you neck in both UV light as well as in the dark.

  • Illuminati colored glass
  • Glass is UV light reactive
  • Pattern in glow powder
  • Design glows multiple colors in the dark
  • 2'' +/- long
  • 1.5'' +/- wide
  • .5'' thick 
  • Signed by artist on back
  • No chain included


Available on site at the Prism Glassworks Gallery in Troy, NY.