Our Artists

Phil Sundling

Phil Sundling has been blowing glass for over twenty years, using fire to craft innovative and beautiful pieces of functional and artistic glass. He focuses on borosilicate lamp /flame working, and has developed a style that merges form with function. In 2001, Phil opened Prism Glass Works, an independent workshop and gallery in Troy, NY that has continued to provide space for local glass artists alike.


Phil's interest in glasswork was sparked during a semester-long internship with a scientific glassblower at GE in Schenectady, NY. His career would begin a year after when he participated in a weeklong intensive training course at the Corning Museum of Glass. Here he was taught by master glassblowers: Tim Drier and Doni Hatz who helped him perfect the basics of the craft upon which he could begin to build his own style, and inspired him to buy his first torch. He has continued to diversify his skills by collaborating with other artists in the field ever since, including major artists such as Robert Mickelson and Emilio Santina. In 2017, Phil travelled throughout the US and Europe to work with a wide range of talented artists. He was even privileged to spend time in Murano, Italy with the Ballerin brothers, an experience that has enabled him to integrate old world techniques within his own style.


Over the years, Phil has expanded his skills from glass artist to glass teacher, joining the ranks of those who taught him. He offers glassblowing workshops to the public and accepts student apprenticeships.


Raj S

Raj S has spent the last few years paving his own path in the glass community. He has been a part of the Prism family for a very long time and recently has been branching out his skills to share his love of glass with others. In the last year, he has done several independent showings of his ever-growing repetoire of unique glass across the Northeast (including a show of his Clit Caps at Bern Gallery and a show of his Darwin Series at Stoked).

An innovator in design, technique and fortitude, Raj S is an up-and-coming star in the glass community.


Glass By Mouse

As one of our senior glassblowers, Mouse has been with Prism Glassworks for many years. She is well known for her popular tree, grape vine, and flower vine spoons as well as her perfect little banger hangers. Glass by Mouse is some of the cleanest and best functioning glass we've ever seen. She is a big part of the Prism family and a staple in the shop. She's always ready to jump into a project with passion, and has the know-how to back up her enthusiasm.

Mouse, along with our owner Phil, won the 2017 Rochester Team Flame Off after an arduous weekend of melting against steep competition. 



After many years of admiring the art and craftsmanship of lampworkers; Supahsalty found out that he could transfer his college credits to the only school in the nation with a degree for Glassblowing. With that transfer he could pursue a life of humbling experiences with fire and glass.

Supahsalty started blowing glass in 2013 as a Scientific Glassblowing student at Salem Community College in his home state of New Jersey. After graduating from the scientific program in 2015 he worked at Q Glass making various apparatus for the life sciences, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries.

Frank has been with Prism Glassworks for the past few years working on developing his artistic vision while staying true to his scientific roots.


CK Glass

Connor has been with Prism Glassworks since he began glassblowing. He originally trained under Phil Sundling and has continued to grow as an artist since the beginning. He is our senior production artist, with an amazing array of skills. He is up to any challenge we give him and has become a crucial part of our product development team.

An indispensable part of the PGW family, Connor is already making a name for himself in the glass community.


Burkelstine Glass

Owen is a new addition to our team, yet has already proven to be a dedicated and talented artist. He studied at Salem Community College with a degree in Scientific Glassblowing, the only glassblowing degree program in the country. For the past three years, he has worked to improve his craft and been an active part of the glass community.

He currently works on our production line and often collaborates with other artists in his spare time.


Trevor McKee

Trevor McKee has been a guest artist at Prism Glassworks for a few years. With a studio at home, he still finds time to come to the shop and work with our in-house artists on projects and during events. He is a very appreciated part of our extended Prism family. His glass is always on point in design, look and function. He has a talent for creating clean lines and often works with colors that astound the senses, which makes it an honor to distribute.

Trevor is half of McKee Bros Glass with his brother Sterling. Their styles blend well and often underline each others strengths. Keep an eye on his new glass, as it goes fast!


Sterling McKee

Sterling McKee is a local artist who works from his home studio. He began glassblowing in 2011 when his brother Trevor introduced him to the art form and is largely self taught. It is always a pleasure to have Sterling in the studio; his focus and positive attitude are contagious. He is a dominant force during our events, creating some of the most stunning pieces in collaboration with other artists. Some of his teachers include Kiva Ford and Cha. He specializes in making womens' figures and sea creatures, though he does not limit himself.

Sterling is half of McKee Bros Glass with his brother Trevor. Working in conjunction to highlight their abilities, their collaborations are breathtaking works of art.

McKee Bros Glass