Errlephant Dab Rig - Light Blue Amber Purple, by Phil Sundling

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Errlephant Dab Rig made by Phil Sundling 

Part of the latest batch of Errlephant dab rigs by Phil Sundling, These lively rigs are a striking selection for the avid glass collector. 

This Errlephant stands 7.5 inches tall and has a fully worked Light Blue Amber Purple body, White tusk, Red eyes and a wigwag worked belly section. Comes with 2 hole perc, 10mm joint and a picturesque peanut dabber. 

  • Fully worked Dark Blue Amber Purple
  • White tusk
  • Red eyes
  • WigWag worked belly 
  • 2 Hole Perc 
  • 10mm Joint 
  • 1.5 lbs
  • Roughly 7.5’’ tall +/- 
  • Comes with white Peanut Dabber 

Made at Prism Glassworks in Troy, New York. 

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