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Canarywood Rolling Tray by Wild Wood Workshop

Canarywood Rolling Tray by Wild Wood Workshop

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Any professional roller can appreciate a rolling tray, especially one as beautiful as this. Handcrafted in solid Canarywood with redheart veneer by Wild Wood Workshop, this tray includes a magnetic lighter holder, a slit for your papers, the perfect fit spot for your Prism Glassworks grinder as well as 2 additional inset spots to use for your liking.  

  • 17.75'' +/- long
  • 11'' +/-  wide
  • 1.75'' +/- high
  • Made of solid Canarywood
  • Redheart veneer
  • Inset spot for papers
  • Inset spot for Prism grinder
  • Magnetic lighter holder
  • Scratch proof pads on feet
  • Handmade 
  • (Papers, grinder and lighter pictured are not included)

Available in the Prism Glassworks gallery in Troy, NY.