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ESG: Pipe & Pendant Set by @rek.glas

ESG: Pipe & Pendant Set by @rek.glas

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This set was created by artist Rick K. ( from Rochester, NY. 

"2019 #REKroller #Sharkstoothtech pendant with silver "plosion roller core done up over a CFL shifting parallax base along with the first #REKrollerlock made with all silver and gold fumed sections along with Northstar yellow for accenting, sure to fill in and change color magnificently throughout use! Upon final inspection, it was discovered the opal in the roller marble had cracked and unable to heal since it is trapped. This set will be a score landing a 1st quality REKroller pendant and the first publicly available Rollerlock." 

  • Pipe: 4'' +/- tall & 3.5'' wide
  • Pendant: 2'' round & .5'' thick
  • Jewelry case included for pendant

Available on site in the Prism Glassworks Gallery in Troy, NY.