Gondoliere Elefante Dab Rig, Made in Murano, Italy.

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Gondoliere Elefante Dab Rig is apart of Phil Sundling's Errelphant series. This is a collaboration made with the Cortella de Ballarin in Murano, Italy. It was started in NY at Prism Glassworks and brought to Murano to collaborate with Maxamilion. How ever during the assembly proccess there was a crack and half the head fell off. Phil brought it back to the states where he made a new head and was able to finish the assembly. Comes with a 14mm joint, Two hole perk and is holding a gondoliers paddle.

  • 8" tall
  • 2.14lb
  • 2 hole perk
  • paddle dabber
  • 14mm joint

Also available in the Prism Glassworks gallery in Troy, NY.

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